How to Back up and Restore Viber Message History


Viber is a mobile application with millions of users worldwide sending messages and making high quality phone calls and video calls, sharing photos, videos, stickers, links over WiFi or mobile network for free. It is one of the most popular communication apps in the world. Viber uses your phone number as your ID and lets you make free Viber phone calls to any of your friends who have Viber.
Viber Out allows you to make calls to non Viber, landline and mobile numbers at cheaper VoIP rates.

Once you download and installed Viber to your device, open it and select Continue, enter your phone number (without spaces, leading zeros (0s), or exit codes). You will receive an access code via SMS or callback to activate Viber. The access code ensures that you are the real owner of the cellphone number you have registered and prevents others from obtaining your access code and placing calls with your caller ID. Viber works on most Android, iOS, and Windows 10 devices, as well as Mac and Windows computers.

Back up your chat history so that it is always safe. You can restore your chat history backup if you need to reinstall Viber. Please note that once your data is saved to the Google Drive, it is no longer protected by Viber encryption.

If you want to back up your Viber message history, then simply follow the step by step instructions below.

How to back up Viber message history?

STEP 1: You have to open Viber app and tap More Screen on the top left side,  scroll down for “Settings” and select “Viber Backup“.

STEP 2: In order to back up your chat history you must be connected to your Google Drive.
If you have not selected an account before, it will ask you to add or choose an existing account.

STEP 3: Now that you have selected the account you want to back up your data to, choose Back up and wait while Viber backs up your data!

You must have manually backed up your chat history before switching to a new device and attempting to restore your history!

How to restore Viber message history?

On your new device Activate Viber and make sure you sign in to the same cloud service that you previously saved your backup to.

You can only restore to a device with the same platform and same phone number.

STEP 4: Now select Restore Viber Content and wait while Viber restores your data.

Restore takes time and requires internet data, so Viber will give you the option to restore later when you’re on Wi-Fi. Next time you’re connected, Viber will automatically ask you to restore.

What will not be restored?

  • Hidden Chats message history will not be restored.
  • Outgoing photos and videos.
    You’ll see file message in the chat, but the file content will not be restored.
  • Any unsent messages.
  • Group likes and settings.
  • Conversation settings.
  • Backed up message history will not be restored to Viber on any of your other devices (desktop or tablet).


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